Foundation Health Citrix Portal Help


Installing citrix software on your device - Prerequisite for accessing FMH applications remotely

In order to launch any of the applications displayed in the Citrix Portal you must have Citrix client software installed on your device.

Browse to find the current version of Receiver for your specific device.

PDF file icon Step-by-step instructions for Installing Citrix Receiver for Windows. Citrix Receiver is supported on all versions of Windows newer than Windows 2000.

Once the citrix client software is installed you are ready to launch applications.

Citrix Receiver CleanUp Utility

Here is a cached copy of the citrix-provided clean up utility that resolves most problems with launching applications. (See troubleshooting page for more information.) Running this will uninstall ALL citrix client software. The newest version of citrix receiver can be downloaded from the citrix website for reinstall.


If you have trouble launching applications after installing receiver please view the Troubleshooting page for common errors and fixes.

Technical Support

If you have any problems that aren't addressed by the documents above, please call the FMH Help Desk at (907) 458-5460 or e-mail