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Pricing Estimate Disclaimer

At Fairbanks Memorial Hospital we believe our patients have a right to be informed about their cost of care.  This website provides ESTIMATES for our most common hospitalizations, procedures, exams and tests.  ESTIMATES are based upon historical data from patients who have received similar services.  These estimates are merely general information designed to try to help you determine the range of what your actual bill might be; estimates may vary from what your actual bill turns out to be.  Estimate accuracy may be impacted by things such as complications, change in course of treatment and medications and/or tests that may be specific to your individual medical needs.  Your final bill will reflect completed and accurate charges for services provided to you by Fairbanks Memorial Hospital.  This amount may vary from the estimate.

I have read the preceding paragraph and I understand that any estimate that I receive from Fairbanks Memorial Hospital is not the actual amount that my bill will be, but that it is merely a guide to give me some idea of what the expected range of the bill might be.  I understand and agree that my actual bill may be different from the estimate and that it will depend on the actual services and supplies that are provided to me with my care and treatment.

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